Caravans Campbellfield

Caravans Campbellfield

Titanium Caravans: Your Reliable Destination for Caravans in Campbellfield

Nestled in the heart of Campbellfield, Caravan manufacturer Titanium Caravans stands as a beacon of innovation, transforming how we experience caravans. Since our inception in 2012, our unwavering commitment to crafting premium off-road caravans has set us apart, earning us the status of pioneers in the industry. Your journey begins with Titanium Caravans in Campbellfield, where every caravan is a testament to the perfect fusion of robust engineering and innovative design.

Our dedicated in-house team distinguishes us from the rest, ensuring that every caravan reflects top-tier craftsmanship. Unlike other manufacturers, Titanium Caravans takes pride in not outsourcing any part of the manufacturing process. This commitment translates into caravans that redefine standards and elevate your travel experience.

Caravans Campbellfield

We Offer a Range of Caravan Models in Campbellfield

Delve into a world of unparalleled features as you choose different caravan models from Titanium Caravans in Campbellfield. Our locally crafted caravans embody the spirit of adventure, meticulously designed to tackle Australia’s diverse terrains. From the advanced Cruisemaster airbag suspension to the reliability of Method Race Wheels, each component is carefully selected to ensure durability, functionality, and a seamless travel experience.

We have four renowned caravan ranges. Unbound, Ontracker, Hardcore, and Hardcore ATX. Crafted for durability, luxury, and refined design, these models redefine off-road adventures. The Unbound beckons with a spacious living area for extended stays. The Ontracker is your ideal off-road companion, emphasising four-wheel drive capabilities. The Hardcore model stands out for a luxurious camping experience, while the Hardcore ATX seamlessly merges off-road prowess with opulent comfort—an exceptional choice for adventurous souls seeking the best of both worlds.

Caravans Campbellfield

Why Are We the Preferred Choice Among Campbellfield Caravans?

Why settle for the ordinary when you can opt for the extraordinary? Titanium Caravans emerges as the preferred choice among Campbellfield caravans, offering more than just a mode of transportation. Our commitment to quality exceeds industry standards, making us a trusted name in the world of caravanning. An open-door policy invites you to witness the manufacturing process, ensuring transparency and a sense of connection with your caravan.

Using cutting-edge technology, such as Henrob riveting, sets our caravans apart. Our interlocking aluminium wall frame or groove furniture is designed specifically for off-road caravans. Our customers choose to own a Titanium caravan for many reasons, including the following:

Caravans Campbellfield
  • Cruisemaster airbag suspension
  • Tough aluminium frame
  • Method Race Wheels
  • Underdrive battery system
  • Wolf Fabrication toolbox and rear bar
  • Batteries behind the fridge
  • King-size mattress

Our team is not just skilled; they are passionate about creating lasting memories for our customers. Titanium Caravans isn’t just a choice; it’s a commitment to a journey where quality meets adventure.

Titanium Caravans offers a premium range of caravans available in Campbellfield. Contact us today and embark on a caravan adventure now.



We purchased our Titanium Hardcore ATX 21 Caravan in December 2022, and love our caravan, its really good quality. From the moment we contacted Jason on the phone he made the initial sorting out what we needed very easy. Thank you to Jason and specially to Jules, who we dealt with for all the sorting out of everything and for been understanding in what we wanted, and I'd also like to thank Sean for on the day we picked up our caravan he did a great job of making sure everything was good.
James Waltrovitz
21.0' Hardcore ATX
We purchased our Titanium Caravan in October this year 2022. After a couple of weeks we thought we had a major issue with the floor. We contacted Joellene in Warranty. Both Joellene and Jason (the owner) went over and above to put our mind at ease and rectify the issue of which ended up being a very simple fix. The whole team at Titanium are absolutely fabulous and really take pride in their work/product which is also backed up by their warranty and after sales service which in my opinion is just as important as the sale. We would have no hesitation in recommending Titanium Caravans to anyone that is looking at purchasing a new van. A great big THANK YOU to everyone at the Titanium Caravan factory in Melbourne.
Karen Cordwell
21.0' Hardcore ATX
To say I'm in love with our new Titanium Caravan would be an understatement! This is the caravan of my dreams that has been brought to reality thanks to the team at Titanium. Special mention and thanks to Jason, Jules, Steve and Nick for being so awesome during our build dealing with any questions and queries we had, and to the team behind the scenes we thank you for your awesome workmanship on our caravan. This van is the Taj Mahal of caravans!!! Our family of 5 lives full-time on the road and this van has made life so much more comfortable that I don't think we will ever stop travelling. Thanks again legends, from all of us here at Campedia - Happy Holliers
Donna Hollier
Campedia - 23.0' Hardcore ATX
We took our Titanium Southern Star 19 6 for a tour up north to get away from the cold weather and along the way we parked at a little place Girilambone NSW. There is a little pub called the Hog & Billy Hotel where we enjoyed a lager and meal. Great locals and free parking across the road in the park area. The Titanium van is such a great unit and makes things so easy to park anywhere, with everything you need.
Peter Hogarty
19.6' Southern Star
The best caravan manufacturer we've dealt with for so many reasons (this is our 5th van and we have dealt with many manufacturers and dealerships). They are down to earth, lovely people who actually listen to what you want. The vans they produce are top quality and their customer service is second to none. We loved our fist Titanium - a Southern Star Hardcore 22.6 and are pumped to be building our second Titanium right now! 100% recommend.
Aussie Destinations Unknown
22.6' Destination X

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